America is in a rather formidable and precarious situation

…If these allegations are true, America is in a rather formidable and precarious situation…

…Correcting the situation demands “we” elect leadership NOT tied or owned by any specific political persuasion … leaders we need, need only want the best for all of us, without regard to race, color, creed, religion, economic circumstances…

…WE are all equal and free or none of us are…

Trump can’t trust anyone as the world crumbles around him

kos  ….Daily Kos Staff…….2018/09/10 · 12:25

The Russian puppet in the White House, Donald Trump, is not in good shape. We’ve been treated to story after story about his paranoia and dysfunction—traits that will only worsen in the wake of the Anonymous op-ed in the New York Times last week.

Just imagine what it must be like for Trump, someone who demands (unrequited) loyalty and obsequiousness, to see his entire circle crumble around him.

  • His personal lawyer Michael Cohen and campaign chairman Paul Manafort are headed to prison. The latter has flipped on him already, naming him as an unindicted co-conspirator, while the other is begging to flip ahead of his second trial.
  • His White House lawyer, Don McGahn, has already been singing to Robert Mueller in his investigation of Trump’s collusion, obstruction, corruption, and who knows what else.
  • Prosecutors have granted immunity to Trump Co. chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, the highest ranking non-Trump in Trump’s business world. He knows … everything.
  • Melania won’t sleep in the same room as him and overtly loathes him. He can’t trust her.
  • He’s facing multiple charges of adultery, sexual harassment, and he himself spoke of his love for sexually assaulting women during the campaign. Efforts to stall at least one case, that of Summer Zervos, have been unsuccessful.
  • The Trump Foundation, a treasure-trove of wrongdoing (by Trump himself!), is under heavy legal scrutiny. And given that’s all state-level law, it’s outside the scope of any hypothetical Trump pardons.
  • It’s book season! Books from Omarosa and Bob Woodward haven’t just exposed the inner dysfunction of White House operations, but they’ve proven to Trump—again—that he can’t trust anyone around him. He’s surrounded himself with rats, and they’re acting like rats. Rats that will sell out Trump for reduced sentences from their own litanies of rat-like behavior.
  • Yes, yes, I know I’m slandering rats in the bullet-point above. Even diseased rats are better than Trump and his sycophants.
  • Anonymous just admitted that 1) Trump’s own staff is sabotaging him, and 2) Trump was too stupid to even realize it.
  • Internal purges, along with those aforementioned rats jumping ship, have left Trump’s communications and legal departments critically understaffed. And the people left are the kind of people Trump wants around, hence … incompetent.
  • Democrats are poised to take the House, and maybe even the Senate, and with that will come an avalanche of investigations, subpoenas, and further legal trouble for Trump and his remaining loyalists. And the beauty of it is that even a cursory glance into the finances of Trump’s circle has exposed mountains of lawbreaking. Manafort and Cohen aren’t the only ethical scofflaws in the Trump administration. They all are.
  • At this point, impeachment might be the best thing to happen to Trump—a blissful end to all this self-inflicted pain. In reality, what we want is Trump and his people all in prison. Screw impeachment. I want imprisonment.

Thus, Trump has no one around him that he can trust. He doesn’t have people around him capable enough to handle the public relations and legal shitstorm that’s about to hit him. And he doesn’t have the mental faculties to find a way out. The deplorables might love Trump’s overt racism and fear-mongering, but none of that will get him out of the corner he’s painted himself into.

As unbelievable as it seems, as isolated and hobbled as he is now, things will only get worse.

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