How about America spending

…How about America spending billions here and forget more drones, bullets, guns, bombs….???

We just found three types of nerve cell in the inner ear that are completely new to science

What else is there to discover?

Nerves that carry information from the inner ear to the brain were assumed to come primarily in two forms, called type I and type II nerves. But now an analysis of the RNA of each of these cell types in mice has revealed one of those cells isn’t as it seems.

It turns out that type I nerves actually represent three different nerve types that are completely new to science. Understanding their characteristics could help us better model how mammals perceive sounds, and maybe even lead to better treatments for hearing disorders.

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden set out to detail the complex pathway of cellular and chemical changes that communicate a mess of noisy signals from the cochlear to the brain.

We’re all fairly familiar with the textbook explanation of our hearing; sound waves shake a membrane in our middle ear called the eardrum, which in turn shakes a trio of tiny bones connected to a spiralling tunnel of fluid called the cochlea.

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