Are YOU honestly buying into this…???

…It appears that Kavanaugh like that man who nominated him is an advocate of “alternative fact” as sufficient to be deemed “truthful”… Are YOU honestly buying into this…???

Woman Who Signed Letter in Support of Kavanaugh Rips His ‘Horrible, Hurtful’ Yearbook Page After Learning It Includes an Insult Directed at Her

Daily Kos

"I pray their daughters are never treated this way." READ MORE»


GOP Humiliated as Friend from Pro-Kavanaugh TV Ads Asks to Be Removed from Letter Supporting the Judge

By Matthew Chapman, AlterNet

The woman who has "been friends with Brett Kavanaugh for 35 years" no longer wants to be part of the campaign to save his Supreme Court nomination. READ MORE»


Fourth Kavanaugh Accuser Comes Forward, Is Speaking to Authorities in Maryland: Report

By Matthew Chapman, AlterNet

The floodgates are opening. READ MORE»


Former Kavanaugh Classmate Says He Was ‘Disgusted’ With the Nominee’s Crude and Demeaning Yearbook Message

By Matthew Chapman, AlterNet

The New York Times reports yet another detail from Kavanaugh’s treatment of women in his early years. READ MORE»


‘100 Percent Demonstrably False’: Michael Avenatti Says He Will Prove Brett Kavanaugh Is Lying to the American People

By Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

Avenatti says that he is representing multiple clients who will make damaging claims against Kavanaugh. READ MORE»


GOP Senate Candidate Calls Kavanaugh Accusations ‘Character Assassination’ One Week After Saying Accuser Needs to Be Heard

By Matthew Chapman, AlterNet

Leah Vukmir changed her mind on listening to Christine Blasey Ford before she even had the chance to testify. READ MORE»

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