Follow the leader … isn’t one BULLY enough…???

...Follow the leader … isn’t one BULLY enough…???

A different Kavanaugh comes out swinging hard at ‘search and destroy’ Democrats

The Supreme Court nominee aligned himself with President Trump in claiming that the sex assault allegations against him were orchestrated to derail his confirmation.

By Michael Kranish, Emma Brown and Tom Hamburger  •  Read more »

Unlike Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford was a prosecutor’s dream witness

Christine Blasey Ford thrived during questioning by career prosecutor Rachel Mitchell on Thursday. Brett Kavanaugh did not.

By Deanna Paul  •  Read more »

The hearing that shut up Washington. And then . . .

Eerie silence clocked much of the city before Senate Republicans found their (angry) voice.

By Ben Terris  •  Read more »

‘This is not a good process’: A raw, emotional hearing exposes partisan divide

The scene inside the more than eight hour hearing was unlike any congressional proceeding in recent history.

By Seung Min Kim  •  Read more »

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