collapsing and politely drinking the Trump Kool-Aid

clip_image002…The query Laurie Roberts notes about Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is, I believe, worthy of thoughtful contemplation…  

I admit I was, with the words expressed by Senator Flake, tantalized by the prospect he was thoughtfully contemplating how he would vote relative to the Kavanaugh confirmation…

I confess, I am bewildered as Senator Flake demonstrated no, nada, zilch leadership instead collapsing and politely drinking the Trump Kool-Aid…

Senator Flake, I know not the course you are pursuing, I feel you severed whatever integrity you once had with the voters in Arizona…

…Perhaps in due course you might consider enlightening us on WHY you chose this course of action…???

devil is always in the details

clip_image002The devil is always in the details…

Amazon’s Minimum Wage Hike Is Not What It Seems

By Nicole Karlis, Salon

Some workers say that they will lose thousands of dollars as a result of stock programs being eliminated READ MORE»

is in for conflicted social upheaval

…Come Election Day in November 2018, America will get the report card on HOW women feel about the labels affixed to them by GOP/Republican politicians…   If they vote “red” then I suspect America is in for conflicted social upheaval…

Chuck Grassley: We Haven’t Put Any Women on the Senate Judiciary Committee Because It’s Too Much Work for Them

By Matthew Chapman, AlterNet

The Senate Judiciary chairman somehow found yet another way to stomp on women. READ MORE»

It’s True: Misogyny Is at the Heart of Right-Wing Politics

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon

Republicans really do hate women  READ MORE»

Flanked by Two Republican Women Senators, Susan Collins Announces Support for Brett Kavanaugh

By Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet

That’s the whole ballgame, folks. READ MORE»

Lisa Murkowski’s Facebook Page Flooded with Rape Threats and Accusations After ‘No’ Vote on Kavanaugh

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

Lisa Murkowski’s "no" vote set off deeply partisan conservative voters. READ MORE»

…And so it begins…

GOP Senator’s Hometown Paper Rips His ‘Medieval Attitude Toward All Women as Sex Objects’ in Devastating Op-Ed

By David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement

The paper, which has the largest daily circulation in the state, is berating the longest-serving Senate Republican in history. READ MORE»

are we to conclude that misogyny and assaultive behavior towards

…As both Orin Hatch and Jeff Flake are zealous members of the Mormon Church are we to conclude that misogyny and assaultive behavior towards WOMEN is readily condoned…???

‘Grow up’: Orrin Hatch waves off female protesters demanding to speak with him

Video of the incident ricocheted around social media on Thursday, the latest in a string of videos to capture the heated emotions around the Kavanaugh nomination.

By Eli Rosenberg  •  Read more »