Why should WE trust a court with two jurist alleged to be abusers of women…???

…Why should WE trust a court with two jurist alleged to be abusers of women…???

Justices move to repair Supreme Court’s image after fight over Kavanaugh

As Brett Kavanaugh prepared for his debut on the high court, his colleagues already had moved quickly to paper over the damage from a historically bitter and tumultuous confirmation battle.

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We’re Watching the Slow Poisoning of the Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation was unusually contentious and bitter, but it wasn’t an aberration.

On Saturday, Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court by a narrow 50–48 Senate voteended one the the most vicious battles of a particularly vicious partisan era. The debate was initially about his record as an aggressively right-wing jurist (which followed a career in right-wing politics); after the accusation by Christine Blasey Ford that he tried to rape her when they were both teenagers, the country consumed itself in an argument over the veracity of the allegations, whether they were disqualifying, and which side was revealing itself to be more craven and underhanded. In response to the attempted rape claim from Ford and more misconduct allegations from other women, Kavanaugh lashed out during a hearing with a conspiratorial rant about how Democrats had been "lying in wait" with a "new tactic" once it became clear they couldn’t defeat him through normal means. The moment led many of his former allies to conclude he lacked the temperament or neutrality necessary to hold a seat on the Supreme Court.

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