‘shift towards censorship’

imageCensorship … we should fear losing … truth … freedom of speech … right to unrestricted freedom of assembly…

Leaked Google document advises to ‘police tone instead of content’ in the ‘shift towards censorship’


Another Google document has found its way into the public domain, this time through Breitbart. The news publication reports that an 85-page briefing entitled “The Good Censor,” advises tech companies to “police tone instead of content” and to not “take sides” when censoring users. This must be why Activist Post remains censored on YouTube and the wrongful suspension still hasn’t been removed, along with other accounts that were removed, or further why Iran has
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Wireless wars: when censors control the sensors

The conveniences of the emerging explosion of artificial intelligence, machine-to-machine learning, and ubiquitous “5G” fifth-generation connectivity of the 4th industrial revolution may seem a far cry from the day that residential electrification made its way onto farms and into households.But the problem with 4th industrial revolution, like all of the previous revolutions, is that in the name of progress, the implications regarding the Laws of Nature, the environment, and human health do not …
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