Hillary needs to simply fade into the background and shut up…

…Hillary needs to simply fade into the background and shut up…

Hillary Clinton’s willful misunderstanding of the #MeToo movement

Lewinsky “was an adult,” Clinton told CBS correspondent Tony Dokoupil in an interview that aired Sunday.

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What Hillary Clinton got wrong about her husband’s abuse of power


Wagatwe Wanjuki  Daily Kos Staff  2018/10/15 · 14:50

I’ll admit I was a little annoyed when I saw the social media posts about Hillary Clinton’s statements about her husband Bill Clinton’s behavior with Monica Lewinsky when he was president. Why are we talking about this now, with the midterms soon approaching? What’s with asking someone who isn’t running for office about her now-retired husband in a media interview like this? Probably so they can get social media friendly clips geared for outrage shares.

It definitely worked. In an interview with Tony Dokoupil of CBS, Clinton dismisses the idea that her husband abused his power by having a sexual relationship with an intern while he was President of the United States of America—you know, “the leader of the free world.”

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