controlled by a cabal rejecting a government

America is on a banana-peel as we have all 3 branches of our national government controlled by a cabal rejecting a government of the people, by the people, for the people … For them there is no sharing of any kind…

Broken machines, rejected ballots and long lines: voting problems emerge as Americans go to the polls.

Long lines and locked doors: Americans capture voting in the midterm elections

Voters encountered long lines due to ballot machine issues and unopened doors at polling places across the country.

By Amy Gardner and

Beth Reinhard

November 6 at 2:53 PM

Civil rights groups and election officials fielded thousands of reports of voting irregularities as voting began across the country Tuesday, with voters and advocates complaining of broken machines, rejected ballots and untrained poll workers improperly challenging Americans’ right to vote.

Information Warfare and Security Flaws: Why the American Voting System Is Still at Serious Risk

By Richard Forno, The Conversation

As this election’s results come back, they will reveal whether the misinformation and propaganda campaigns conducted alongside the political ones were effective. READ MORE»

Widespread Reports of Voting Problems Highlight Dire Need for Major Reform

By Laura Clawson, Daily Kos

A reminder of how broken and dysfunctional America’s voting systems are. READ MORE»

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