everything has a life span

Why is it of any importance if any political party ceases to exist … everything has a life span…

Why the GOP Is Truly Terrified of ‘Medicare for All’ — It Could Destroy the Republican Party as We Know It

By Thom Hartmann, Independent Media Institute

If the national ID system were the key to getting your health care and medications, there’d be no need for “voter registration” and no ability for the GOP to purge voters. READ MORE»

Really believe you have “privacy”…???

Really believe you have “privacy”…???

Using Wi-Fi to “see” behind closed doors is easier than anyone thought

With nothing but a smartphone and some clever computation, researchers can exploit ambient signals to track individuals in their own homes.Wi-Fi fills our world with radio waves. In your home, in the office, and increasingly on city streets, humans are bathed in a constant background field of 2.4- and 5-gigahertz radio signals. And when people move, they distort this field, reflecting and refracting the waves as they go.That’s given more than one group of researchers an interesting idea. In …
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Rather ingenious

Rather ingenious…

Secret military messages will be masked in the songs of sperm whales

Chinese scientists are reportedly developing a way of sending covert audio signals underwater without detection.  They claim the signals will be disguised as whale song and edited with a coding system to produce the altered whale sounds.The messages are designed to be indistinguishable from the regular background noise of the ocean.Whale song is automatically filtered out by ships and submarines and secret messages will therefore be camouflaged and go undetected, the Chinese scientists claim….
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Now this will really freak-out

Now this will really freak-out “big-pharma” and the AMA, corporate medical insurance CEO…!!!

Is the power to heal ourselves increasing?

In BriefThe Facts:New studies are showing that placebos are becoming more effective in treating illness. Doctors are continually perplexed by these new understandings. But many of us have known intuitively for centuries.Reflect On:How much do you believe in the possibility that you can heal yourself? Could you see this a new form of ‘medicine?’Researchers are perplexed by recent studies that have placebos performing very well compared to new and experimental pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile the science of…
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New ginger study makes incredible discovery

New ginger study makes incredible discovery

After getting "substantial attention" from researchers around the world, a clinical review confirms that ginger (Zingiber officinale) serves as a viable antidote and protective agent against fatal poisoning from such agents as pesticides, environmental pollutants, heavy metals, bacterial and fungal toxins and even some cosmetic products and medications.Published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, the study1 acknowledges the protective effects of ginger and its phytochemicals against natural, …
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