Classic TRUMP… classic “alternative fact” … will if never end…???

Classic TRUMP… classic “alternative fact” … will if never end…???

WATCH: Trump Implies Corruption In Arizona Vote-Counting – “All Of a Sudden Out Of the Wilderness They Find a Lot Of Votes”


Posted on  by Arizona’s Politics 

President Donald Trump went after Arizona’s electoral process and the Democrats’ supposed influence on it. Without any evidence to back it up, he implied that corruption was to blame for Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-CD9) taking a slim 9,000 vote lead in the Senate contest against Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD2).

The President was asked a question about the size of the Democrats’ majority in the U.S. House of Representatives next year. He quickly segued into a boast about how he has rooted out corruption in the FBI and Department of Justice – “We’re getting to the bottom of it and I’ve done a helluva job” – before raising the Arizona vote-counting.

“But, it is interesting. It always seems to go the way of the Democrats. Now in Arizona, all of a sudden, out of the wilderness they find a lot of votes. And she’s – the other candidate – is just winning by a hair.”

Here is President Trump’s entire response about the Tuesday election, as the context is important. The Arizona comment is at the 1:05 mark.

Trump then quickly repeated a rant about corruption in the elections process in Broward County (Florida). The Arizona comments were sandwiched by his corruption remarks, and was in concert with comments today from his 2020 campaign chair. Brad Parscale, alleging fraud.

These democrat counties in Florida and Arizona are playing tricks because they just can’t accept the fact they lost. I will not be shocked if investigations lead to rampant fraud. Republicans need to send every lawyer we have to protect the legitimacy of these elections.

— Brad Parscale (@parscale) November 9, 2018

There is no evidence of any “found” votes or any “trickery” or “fraud” in Arizona’s ballot processing and counting process, and unfounded accusations against the integrity of Arizona’s elections – especially coming from the President – is irresponsible, reckless and could be construed as un-American.



Posted on  by David Gordon 


Yesterday’s lawsuit by Republican operatives (on behalf of the McSally campaign) to inhibit county recorders from verifying mail-in ballots with disputed signatures now that the election is over is an attack on our democracy and another stain on the military and public service of Representative/Colonel Martha McSally.

Despite the rise of the Trump Party (The Republican Party, after a 35-year process, died on Tuesday when a substantial portion of the reasonable members of the defunct Party of Lincoln was defeated in the midterms), this country is still a Republic and Representative Democracy. The rule of the majority should still prevail and all votes submitted in a timely fashion should be counted. If Representative Sinema gets the majority of the votes, she should be declared the winner. The same holds true for Representative McSally. If there is a question, county officials should be allowed to, like during the early voting period, to verify the signatures. Anything else would be UnAmerican. If the Trumpists cry foul about voter fraud, please remember that there is no widespread voter fraud in our history and this is an attempt by the party of the KKK endorsed candidate to suppress the votes of Democratic-leaning voters.

People need to speak out and call this attempt to suppress the vote what it is: Un-American.


AZ-Sen: On Thursday, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema took a 9,610-vote lead over Republican Martha McSally; on Wednesday, McSally held a 17,000-vote lead. Another 130,000 votes were counted in Maricopa County, which is home to three-fifths of the state, while Pima County added 24,100 to its total, with smaller counties added much-smaller batches.

There are about 500,000 uncounted ballots statewide, and about 345,000 are in Maricopa County, where Sinema currently leads 50-48. The biggest question right now is whether the remaining Maricopa County ballots will continue to trend Sinema’s way, or if this was just an unusually good batch for her. The Associated Press’ Nick Riccardi said that this first drop was from ballots mailed in just before Election Day at a time when Democratic turnout was at its highest. However, the county recorder says that about half of the remaining ballots come from this group. The county has another update set for 7 PM ET (5 PM local time) on Friday, so we’ll hopefully know more soon about the state of the race.     

With so many ballots still left to be counted, Republicans have filed a lawsuit against every county recorder, the officials who administer elections in each county, over how they’re verifying ballot signatures in a state where mail ballots could make up roughly four-fifths of votes. While the GOP has sued Democratic and Republican recorders alike, they’re undoubtedly doing this with one big target in mind: Democratic Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes.

The GOP is taking issue with how Fontes announced shortly before Election Day that his office would contact every voter whose signature on their mail ballot didn’t appear to match the one they had on file to give them an opportunity to confirm their identity, even after Election Day, pointing out that others like Pima County have been doing this for years. While Republicans have claimed they merely want all 15 counties to have the same procedure, their lawsuit could disenfranchise roughly 5,600 voters in Maricopa County.

State Judge Margaret Mahoney rejected the GOP’s request for an immediate ruling on Thursday, and importantly refused to order counties to temporarily quarantine the affected ballots that had been "cured" after Election Day. Mahoney has signaled she would issue a final ruling on Friday after a newly scheduled hearing.

Arizona races still too close to call

Posted on  by AZ BlueMeanie | 1 comment

At the close of counting ballots on Friday evening, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has expanded her lead in the U.S. Senate race, Democrat Kathy Hoffman has expanded her lead in the Superintendent of Public Instruction race, Democrat Sandra Kennedy has now opened a slight lead for the second seat in the Arizona Corporation Commission race, and Democrat Katie Hobbs has significantly closed the gap in the Secretary of State race. When all the votes are finally counted, we may actually have some Democratic winners after all.  Count all the votes! And be prepared for a recount, or two.

According to the Data Guru, there are still 370,000 ballots left to be counted statewide, 266,000 of those in Maricopa County and 60,000 in Pima County.

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