As I did not expect that Gannett … owner of the Arizona Republic

clip_image002… As I did not expect that Gannett … owner of the Arizona Republic would choose to provide valid information on how WHITE government manipulates essentially all Native American enterprises beginning with the manner in which WHITE allows Native Americans to govern themselves … It is not surprising this article places these residential debacles solely upon the “Indians” …

Enrich the corporations …penalize American citizens


Yup … Jeff $old out


Trump’s idea of America First


Trumpland NEW information is code


On Trump’s $upreme Court … CORPORTE & COMPA$$ION are not compatible…

…On Trump’s $upreme Court … CORPORTE & COMPA$$ION are not compatible…

When Neil Gorsuch Put Corporate Interests over a Man Freezing to Death      The Supreme Court nominee was the lone judge to side with a trucking company over its driver.

By Joanna Walters / The GuardianThe case took seven years and went before seven judges but in the end, Detroit native Alphonse Maddin celebrated victory against the delivery firm that had fired him for seeking warmth after his truck broke down on a dangerously cold winter night.

Of the seven judges, six sided with Maddin but one found in favor of the company and wrote a scathing dissent.

That lone judge was Neil Gorsuch, who shortly afterwards made Donald Trump’s shortlist for the Supreme Court, to fill the seat left by the late Antonin Scalia. Gorsuch is now appearing on Capitol Hill at his confirmation hearings

Neil Gorsuch is tied to “dark$$$”

…Allegation Neil Gorsuch is tied to “dark$$$” cause for concern…???

EVALUATING NEIL GORSUCH’S HEARINGS THUS FAR Trump’s Supreme Court nominee "ducked and dodged like a pro," all while Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called for a delay in a vote on his nomination for as long as Trump’s campaign remains under investigation by the FBI. [HuffPost]


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