…Manipulating our $$$$ is a game over which WE have no control…

…Manipulating our $$$$ is a game over which WE have no control…

Fox in the hen house: why interest rates are rising

The Fed is aggressively raising interest rates, although inflation is contained, private debt is already at 150% of GDP, and rising variable rates could push borrowers into insolvency. So what is driving the Fed’s push to “tighten”?On March 31st the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate for the sixth time in 3 years and signaled its intention to raise rates twice more in 2018, aiming for a fed funds target of 3.5% by 2020. LIBOR (the London Interbank Offered Rate) has risen …
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Just SHOW us the EVIDENCE…

…Just SHOW us the EVIDENCE…

Yet more evidence that Wikipedia is edited by the CIA

Did you know that Vice President Dick Cheney admitted that on 11 September 2001 he, as President George W. Bush’s brief stand-in during the 9/11 attacks that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, issued an order (and it was carried out) to shoot down United Airlines Flight 93 while it was in the air near Pittsburgh? If what he said at the time was true, then the standard ‘historical’ account of the plane’s having been brought down as a result of action by the passengers, would…
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We track theirs and they track ours … it’s a game….

… We track theirs and they track ours … it’s a game….

CIA agents tracked by technology in 30 countries

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) admits that at least 30 countries have been able to identify and actively track American agents using modern technology.Dawn Meyerriecks, deputy director of the CIA’s science and technology division, told an intelligence conference in Tampa, Florida, on Sunday that foreign governments had gone digital and no longer needed physical tracking practices to monitor spies.According to Meyerriecks, closed-circuit television and wireless infrastructure had made it easy …
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How about Economists who are not dependent upon the State of Arizona for a pay check/$$$$$….

…How about Economists who are not dependent upon the State of Arizona for a pay check/$$$$$….

Arizona Republic: Economists Agree With Ducey’s Forecast

On today’s front page, the Arizona Republic reported “Economists Agree With Ducey’s Forecast.” The article details how projections from economists in Arizona and around the country align with those at the core of Governor Doug Ducey’s 20×2020 plan.

The 20×2020 plan gives Arizona teachers a 20 percent raise by 2020 and invests new dollars in Arizona’s public schools — all without raising taxes. Increased state revenues due to our state’s thriving economy will allow more money to reach Arizona’s teachers and classrooms.

Find out what economists have to say about Arizona’s growing economy:

National Economists:

  • Moody’s Analytics: According to the Republic, “Moody’s Analytics estimates personal-income growth in Arizona to average 6 percent this calendar year, which covers half the state’s fiscal 2018 and the first half of fiscal 2019.” On Governor Ducey’s plan, economist Jesse Rogers from Moody’s Analytics in Pennsylvania said, “The state government forecast is reasonable.”

Arizona Economists:

  • Dennis Hoffman, Seidman Institute Director at the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University: “Hoffman predicts state revenue to grow between 5 and 6 percent in the next few years…Hoffman said a recent revision to federal data that showed stronger job growth toward the end of 2017 has validated the forecast that Arizona’s economy is poised to pick up speed.” According to the Republic, Hoffman said, “‘The economy was indeed doing better than what was thought before.”
  • George Hammond, Economic and Business Research Center Director at the Eller College of Management, University of Arizona: The Republic reported that George Hammond largely agrees with Dennis Hoffman’s economic forecast. “‘My forecast for the state calls for continued strong economic growth in terms of jobs, income and population gains,’ Hammond said.” The Republic notes that Hammond, “said growth should speed up in the next few years,” and “projects personal income growth to range from 5 to 6 percent.”

(SOURCE: Arizona Republic)


think they ever stopped…???

…If memory serves me correctly at one time AT&T and VERIZON were part of the original MA – BELL before the courts broke her up … COLLUSION … think they ever stopped…???

AT&T and Verizon are again being investigated for collusion. Here’s what happened the first time.

It’s the second time since 2016 that federal officials have questioned carriers about the matter.

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OOPS….wrong “color” can’t frack here…

…OOPS….wrong “color” can’t frack here…

After resistance from a charter school, fracking company moves new well next to a poorer public one


Hunter  …….Daily Kos Staff…….2018/04/18 · 09:00


What do you do, as a drilling company, when you’re facing fierce resistance to your plan to build fracking wells next to a majority-white Colorado charter school? You bow out and choose a school in a poorer area, of course.

In May 2016, Extraction Oil and Gas filed a new application. This time, Extraction selected a site even closer to another school: Bella Romero Academy. The student population at Bella Romero is more than 87 percent Latino or Hispanic, African American, or other people of color. More than 90 percent of students at Bella Romero qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. (At Frontier, 77 percent of students are white, and about 20 percent qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.)

Locating potentially dangerous or polluting industries in poor and minority


Arizona’s reputation reflects that of its “dark$$$” owned leadership … NO one believes what our leaders say… …When do WE get the message and elect truthful leaders…???

clip_image002…Arizona’s reputation reflects that of its “dark$$$” owned leadership … NO one believes what our leaders say…

…When do WE get the message and elect truthful leaders…???