She’s right … and you know it…


She’s right … and you know it…

Negotiations Over Arizona Drought Plan Ongoing


By  Will StoneArizona farmers, cities and tribes continue to work on a deal to avert major cutbacks in water deliveries from Lake Mead in the coming years.

State water managers are quietly making their pitch to those stakeholders who rely on the Colorado River to voluntarily give up some water now to avoid potentially losing even more later.

There’s about a 50 percent chance Southwest states will face a shortage declaration in 2018. The proposed "drought contingency plan" would result in almost 200,000 acre feet being left in Mead when the water level is between 1090 feet and 1075 feet.

Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources Tom Buschatzke said they are hoping to come up with even more than that.

“It’s imperative that we take actions to protect lake levels and we will take the time we need to do it right to build a consensus,” Buschatzke said.

Buschatzke can’t give details about the negotiations, but hopes to get legislative approval next year. Among those with a lot at stake are farmers in Pinal County.

“More needs to be done to reduce the probability of that initial shortage," said attorney Paul Orme, who represents four irrigation districts, which are low priority, meaning even an initial shortage would drain their entire share.

Orme said this proposed plan is ultimately an insurance policy to prevent the most severe cutbacks, which would affect cities.

“We are long out of the picture, by the time Lake Mead gets down to that level. So we don’t want to be the sacrificial lamb," Orme said.

That means his clients want all the users, even those with seniority, to chip in now. So far he’s encouraged by the talks.

Ultimately, Arizona will have to reach an agreement with its neighbors Nevada and California, as well.

has them all dancing his tune


…You gotta hand it to Trump he has them all dancing his tune on his schedule …
The Office of Government Ethics is messaging Trump on his ‘total’ divestiture … via Twitter?

Romney will say anything to get back into the political limelight…

image…Romney will say anything to get back into the political limelight…

Romney on Trump: I have increasing hope that he’s the very man to lead us to a better future

11/30/2016 11:31:34 AM  Allahpundit  …An impromptu master class on the art of the non-apology apology after last night’s dinner with the president-elect. He doesn’t take back anything he said about Trump during the campaign — ahem — but he’s all sunshine and  More…

Not to worry … Czar Trump … will give him


Not to worry … Czar Trump … will give him a get out of jail free card… problem solved…

Petraeus would have to notify probation officer if named Secretary of State


Petraeus was sentenced to two years of probation on April 23, 2015, for giving his mistress classified information.

“The defendant shall not leave the Western District of North Carolina without the permission of the Court or probation officer. Travel allowed for work as approved by U.S. probation office,” says a court judgdment, reported first by Brad Heath of USA Today.

“The defendant shall notify the probation officer within 72 hours of any change in residence or employment,” the document adds.

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But the throw in a card-board cut out of Trump with his arm around them…

…But the throw in a card-board cut out of Trump with his arm around them…

In a nod to the working man, Team Trump offers donors an inauguration package for only $1,000,000

HORRIFYNG… that’s a bit over the top

…HORRIFYNG… that’s a bit over the top …but it certainly portrays an EGO …  Hillary attempted to bury for a moment afar the election…

“Horrifying”? Hillary campaign now seeking out recount volunteers; Update: Did Hillary read her own “factcheck”?


POSTED AT 10:01 AM ON DECEMBER 1, 2016 BY ED MORRISSEY  ….Share on Facebook25Old and busted: Questioning election outcomes is “horrifying,” “really troubling,” and “not the way our democracy works.” New hotness: All hands on deck to question election outcomes! Despite some mumbling about the reluctance of Hillary Clinton and her team to involve themselves in recounts, the campaign’s official website now features sign-up forms for volunteers to actively take part in the festivities:

Losing..??? – – – Depends upon who is defining LOSING & for what purpose…???

..Losing..??? – – – Depends upon who is defining LOSING & for what purpose…???

America Has Been Launching Wars and Losing Them for Virtually the Entire 21st Century

Time to abandon our imperial adventures.

By Andrew Bacevich / TomDispatch  …..November 29, 2016 ….President-elect Donald Trump’s message for the nation’s senior military leadership is ambiguously unambiguous. Here is he on 60 Minutes just days after winning the election.