Packed Supreme Court Likely to Allow MORE Corporate Money in Politics ….Posted by Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future at 2:12 PM on November 2, 2009. … excerpted …
Because corporations are people too … The Supreme Court may decide as soon as tomorrow on the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case involving a corporate-funded anti-Hillary smear ad. It is likely the conservative-dominated activist court will overturn precedent and rule in favor of removing restrictions on corporate spending in elections, with terrible consequences. The 5-4 ruling will say that large companies injecting vast sums to sway election results is “free speech.” … Imagine …vocal cords on a Cayman Islands post office box!

Common Cause has a report out, titled, Corporate Democracy: Potential fallout from a Supreme Court decision on Citizens United. “Lifting the ban on corporate political spending could unleash a flood of money into the political system and further diminish the public’s voice,” the report says.

Really, imagine regular people trying to run for office while competing with the massive aggregated financial power of the biggest corporations. And imagine what will happen to anyone who dares to try to go up against their interests when they are able to openly spend any amount needed to get their way.

DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE . . . Whether “we” like to admit it or not, “we” have allowed this ARTIFICIAL PERSON (corporation) to run amuck to the point where “it” is able to exert far more power than any LIVE American citizen.

Those we elected and who took an oath to serve and to protect instead chose paths giving over to rewarding greed and breeding injustice. By our silent complicity we gave sanction to those actions they took in our stead.

I invite “us” to consider not to shame, blame or criticize but rather simply ask … what would it look like when it’s fixed … and own that ONLY we have the power to bring about the change needed to fix it