do we choose to see

Perspective for your consideration …

Do these headlines below suggest that – “we” – that’s you and me – are in the mood and are ready to stand actually demanding our government (remember they swear they serve & protect) eliminate its duplicity and truly become transparent…?

EPA Doesn’t Tell the Whole Tale of Enforcement …OMB Watch…

GAO says EPA may be overstating penalties …Reuters UK…

Environmentalists sue EPA …Arizona Daily Sun

Groups Go to Court to Force Cleanup of Air Pollution in National Parks …MarketWatch …

8-state panel to take on EnergySolutions’ loophole …The Salt Lake Tribune… Judy Fahys …

THANK YOU … for taking that initial first step to stand up to the overwhelming duplicity and lack of honest transparency so prevalent in all levels of our government.

I/you/me/us quite often and I would suggest, with cause in the last eight years, chastise the “PRESS” as being “bed-fellows” with government officials and bureaucrats and equally as duplicitous in performing their responsibility to report freely and impartially informing, not supporting politically correct propaganda. Such actions, as those noted above, by the “press” are to be lauded, supported and defended.

For the moment, I am willing to give the “press” the benefit of the doubt and believe the information they are providing to us is impartial and truthful. To expect there is absolutely no bias in any “press” writing it to expect the impossible as they are human and as such are not without emotion and/or prejudices. Until proven to the contrary, I invite us – that’s you and me – to get off our duff and lend a hand as the “press” fights to open what had been, especially in these last 8 years, secreted closed sequestered hallowed environments wherein our fate has been determined.

For me the recent Wall Street monetary financial collapse and chaos is a direct result of our – that’s yours and my – duplicitous participation. In a voice heard at the highest levels of government, we too, wanted in on the “milking” of our monetary system. Why should only the “robber-barons” (Gates, Walton’s, the oracle of Omaha and selected others benefit) “we” too have a right to participate. And we did. Those from the “press” expressing contrary positions “we” ridiculed, demeaned and summarily told to shut up.

The “press” does not always get it right, and then neither do we. Were this an athletic contest and our win/loss records compared, I question whose would fair the better. We can individually as well as collectively continue to berate, demean, belittle bad mouth and criticize the “press” for all of its actions, or we can in the spirit of understanding partner with them supporting them when their actions honestly promote for the good of all of mankind. Actions taken like those noted above by the “press” to expose the heinous underbelly of our environment are, it seems to me, worthy of note and of praise.

“WE” gave up our individual and collective control of self and therefore everything else long ago. The degradation and pollution of our environment did not occur overnight and it will not be corrected overnight. The path to recovering and restoring our environment is but in its infancy. Many of us alive today will not live to see that first shaft of light as dawn breaks over an enlightened environment as yet unborn.

… “as my ancestors planted for me before I was born, so do I plant for those who come after me” … attributed to ancient Hebrew wisdom

… People should never be afraid of their government, government should always be afraid of the people …

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.


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