as the dominos fall

Perspective for your consideration …What does it look like when it’s fixed…?

Today “we” find that once again “we” are about to be crushed as the dominos the consequence of our latest series of choices – fall.

In these moments when chaos and confusion are rampant “we” wish for our own St. George – Slayer of Dragons – on his white steed to honorably and steadfastly lead us from the terror of our making. In his stead “we” longingly beseech anyone, even pretenders, who will take up this mantle, whether legitimate or not, and mouth words designed to placate us in these moments of – fear – which they cleverly and deliberately induced.

The efficacy of this most recent debacle has been in the cauldron stewing for more than 30 years and though many have attempted to raise our awareness to the maelstrom it portends “we” choose to give our allegiance to those espousing “free-enterprise-capitalism-for-profit-corporate-interest-government-dominated-by-the-Midas-creed” of unprecedented individualism and greed. It is written in a book many choose on propitious moments to quote … “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” … quoting in the hope of proving a point or attaining a concession.

Pointing our finger, individually and/or collectively at others, blaming, shaming, screaming, shouting, stomping, orating will not – in the context of fear – permit us to discover and uncover the root or the source for these debacles we are encountering, if that is truly our intent…? It might be that what “we” really want in this moment in time is another “band-aide” to be placed over a festering and unhealed wound eating, still, at our core….?

For the past 30 plus years, we, especially in America, have bought into the belief that mankind’s highest and most noble good is served when “we” vigorously strive to attain “things” creating a distinctive demarcation between us and them. The pentacle of this belief manifested following the pain inflicted as the result of Sept. 11th, when our St. George, prohibits the playing of any ‘60’s era peace music on radio or other sources over air waves that “we” own, their solution instead was that we go forth and buy and purchase – stuff and things.

Like contented – sheep – Americans frolic with the “stuff and things” we have been educated to believe define the measure of mankind. Like – hogs – Americans wallow in the belief our leader speaks directly with God therefore America is entitled to unilaterally, and without justifiable cause invade a sovereign nation which did absolutely nothing illegal to us and bomb, kill, maim, destroy and reduce to mere ash. When in like kind, the leadership of the invaded nation and its neighbors declare their own jihad against America, we term them – terrorist.

Our compliancy over these last 30 plus years allows the few to take both overt and covert control of all aspects of our government – executive – legislative – judiciary – manipulating it, with the able assistance of “for-profit-corporations” into the divine essence of their choosing and to which we willing and obediently capitulate.

In these moments of chaos and confusion “we” run around like chickens with our heads cut off as “we” do not know how to think for ourselves so content have “we” become to having the few, the chosen to save us from this most recent debacle the result of our choices and decisions. There are a few individuals termed misguided by American corporate media who have dared to look, as did Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, noting how pathetic and how weasel like this wizard we so obediently follow truly is. Others have seen through the false “matrix” these wizard helpers choose to have us see as reality. While others have come to comprehend the wisdom in the words of “V” … “people should not fear their government, their government should fear the people” …

We are drawing close to the end of another presidential campaign and while my heart leans in favor of Mr. Obama, my head urges caution, and my “whisper voice” weeps as with the passing of each day the leadership for which I yearn and thought I saw in Mr. Obama remain unresolved. Unfortunately today there is absolutely – NO – fundamental difference in the execution of governing philosophy between the Democrats or the Republicans they are all beholding to the same master – “for-profit-corporate-interests.” “We” are not willing to call either candidate and hold the accountable or responsible for anything they say. And, why not … because that implies they have the right to hold you and me accountable and responsible and we will not permit that, will we…? George Orwell wrote … “Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” To expect any politician to speak the truth in these perilous of times is asking of them to be a revolutionist.

You and I are not accountable or responsible, they are…? That “we” elected them and then chose to sit on the side lines and did nothing all the while watching as they played games with our liberties, freedom, equivocate our habeas corpus laws, illegitimately and capriciously label individuals or groups as malcontents or worse as the “T” word (terrorist) again without any provocation or proof.

In our stead, “we” permit the leaders we elect to utilize …” Political language – and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists – which is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. ” …George Orwell

And with over 30 years of “ostrich” like education, we willingly believe… and then we wonder why the dominos continue to fall – on us.

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.