we allow them to fiddle while Rome burns

Perspective for your consideration …What does it look like when it’s fixed…?

Looking at these highlighted articles I find the childish posturing of our Governor and the 90 mental dwarfs comprising our State Legislature offensive. To quote a phrase … “fiddling while Rome burns” … these elected leaders posture to see who calls who first, what the hell kind of game are “we” paying you to play solely at our expense…?

On the other hand, we seem most willing to now take to task, Bush, Paulson, Bernanke, McCain and Obama for their reputed part in the most recent Wall Street bailout fiasco, but unwilling to hold our own Governor and those we elected to “serve & protect” us from their meager and childish gamesmanship with our most recent budget. In our ever watchful eyes we permitted them to play the age old shell game of hide the truth and we will pretend not to see…? Silently we sat as our Governor and our State Legislature “cooked” the books before our ever eyes and we said – NOTHING. We raised NOT our voices we did not seek to hold them accountable NO we did NOTHING. And guess what, we got NOTHING.

So rather than do the work to which we elected them – to serve and protect – us, they will clown around until after the election in November and then they will meet. In the meantime Rome continues to burn.

Let’s be honest, “we” have the government we want and they are performing exactly in the manner we find acceptable. If not, we have the power to change it. In this instance the only thing stopping us is FEAR.

IT – is fixed when we hold all those we elect accountable and responsible from the get-go.

Let’s get to work
The Arizona Republic

Our Opinion: Arizona’s budget deficit grows, and there’s no consensus in sight:
Tucson Citizen

New laws take effect; some big, some small
Arizona Daily Star

Governor, lawmakers to meet for budget talks after election
The Arizona Republic… Mary Jo Pitzl

Napolitano looks to Legislature for budget help — later
Tribune, Arizona Daily Sun and Arizona Daily Star… Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services

Governor, lawmakers to meet on budget crunch in November
Tucson Citizen… Associated Press

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.