get over it and raise HELL

Perspective for your consideration … What does it look like when it’s fixed…?

Company to seek 40% increase in water rates…by Diana Balazs – Oct. 27, 2008 11:10 AM…The Arizona Republic – Paradise Valley and Scottsdale customers of the Arizona American Water Co. (note one of the largest world-wide multinational corporate-for-profit water purveyors on our planet) could face a hefty rate increase – about 40 percent – next summer if a request filed by the company is approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission in March. Company officials say the increase is needed to pay for significant water system improvements and an increase in operating costs. (By God make them prove it in terms and language understandable to a “normal” human being, forget the governmentese crap)
How much will it cost?

• Most of Arizona American’s residential customers have a 5/8-inch water meter. If approved, their average water bill would increase by 70 cents per day from $49.21 to $70.26 per month, based on a monthly usage of 20,493 gallons. That translates to about a 43 percent increase.
• Residential customers with a 1-inch meter would see their bills increase by $1.75 per day from $137.35 to $189.86 per month, based on a monthly consumption of 56,575 gallons.
That would represent a 38 percent increase. Many customers hit with surcharges approved by the commission in 2006 in Arizona American’s last rate request have seen a drop in bills thanks to a recent commission decision to reopen that case. Paradise Valley officials, residents and resort operators petitioned the commission to review the two controversial fees – a high-block surcharge and a public-safety fire-flow surcharge – after customers were hit with soaring water bills .But those rate reductions, which took effect Sept. 1, are only temporary. The commission will address both surcharges March 19 when it hears the new rate case filed this May by Arizona American. Why rate hike is needed. Since the previous rate filing, Arizona American officials say the company has invested about $26 million in improvements, including building an arsenic treatment plant to comply with new federal arsenic standards and adding new infrastructure to prevent leaks and main breaks and maintain adequate water supply and quality.

The name Arizona American Water might ring a bell for you as they quite recently chose to turn a deaf ear at a ringing alarm allowing the water they provide to portions of Scottsdale and PV to be contaminated. But so far based on the spineless actions of our Arizona Corporation Commission and Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality, they apparently feel …”no harm, no foul” … slap their wrist and let it go at that.
Hey, the requested 40% increase will most likely be granted to Arizona American Water by the industry marionettes on our Az. Corporation Commission. Besides no one got ill or died as a result of the contamination Arizona American Water allowed and besides most likely their executives need an increase in their “golden parachutes” and it would seem based on our choice to finance a $700 billion dollar boon-doogle wall street bail out, we’re more than happy to oblige no strings attached.
And besides you don’t get to be one of the giant world-wide multinational corporate water purveyors without knowing know to “screw” over public officials, many of whom have or will seek employment with them after getting a free education at your expense. It’s all part of that revolving door syndrome.

Arizona American Water may legitimately require an increase in rates, but, those of you served by this corporate water giant ought to be asking what you’re actually getting in return and YOU need to have a hand in all forms oversight from operations to finance and ROI. Sorry, neither ACC nor ADEQ provides oversight. Why, because both agency “cry” they are under-staffed and perhaps to some degree in certain area they may well be. But, the playing field is part of that revolving door where one is a regulator one day and part of the regulated business enterprise the next. It s a game and you the rate payer and in this case Arizona American Water user who picks up the tab.
Think about it, politicians from our Governor to State Legislators and Senators, bureaucratic officials and governmental personnel at all levels can feign and assume their proverbial “ostrich” position – but – like it or not, like the saying on President Truman’s desk … the buck stop here … and here is with you.

Unless you want to pay 40% more for water, I would invite you to organize, get acquainted, talk, become educated on exactly what Az American Water does with its $$$ now and why they need 40% increase. Attend the ACC hearing and DEMAND to be heard and DEMAND straight no BS answers, not the proverbial bureaucratic “gobble-degook” they love to spew. This is not rocket science and our ACC commissioner and Az American Water personnel can provide clear, concise and understandable answers. DEMAND it they chose to be elected …”to serve & to protect” … YOU not corporate interests.

The only thing stopping any of you is – fear – get over it and raise HELL.

… People should never be afraid of their government, government should always be afraid of the people …

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.