governor your actions dishonor

Perspective for your consideration …What does it look like when it’s fixed…?

State spat becomes environmental debate …By Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services …Saturday, September 20, 2008…PHOENIX – excerpted … A spat between two state officials over use of a $1 million penalty against a polluter has erupted into a full-blown debate over global warming and whether Arizona should impose new – and potentially expensive — greenhouse gas emission limits. …Gary Pierce, a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission, said the Department of Environmental Quality is pursuing an agenda that ultimately would force Arizona companies to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Pierce said the move, being done at the behest of Gov. Janet Napolitano, could ruin the state’s economy on the basis of an unproven theory. …But DEQ Director Steve Owens said global warming is a fact, calling it a “no brainer’ that reducing carbon dioxide emissions will help prevent further warming.

Napolitano’s office is refusing to release details, with gubernatorial press aide Jeanine L’Ecuyer saying all they have is a draft even though Owens is co-chair of WCI. Even the “stakeholders’ who the governor said were being consulted, including affected industries, said no information has been shared with them.
Ed Fox, who is (currently) in charge of environmental affairs for Arizona Public Service, (and a former Director of ADEQ) said he can’t say yet how much his company’s power-generating costs might go up. He said the governor’s office, while inviting input from affected industries and environmental groups, has not been forthcoming with drafts and details…..There also is the question of whether Napolitano can impose limits on her own….
Governor Napolitano your actions around this topic are most deceptive and show a definite lack of any transparency. You are being most dishonest and we have the right to ask – why…? What are you choosing to hide and why…?

Respectfully Governor, I have been a stakeholder in other ADEQ actions where information was deliberately withheld though the resultant document was ultimately presented to the public as a consensus endeavor.

As the titular head of the OBAMA for President 2008 in Arizona, I shutter to think your actions in this regard mirror the transparency he advocates. Arizona expected better from you and is dishonored by your current choice of actions.

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted