Is it true the people can choose

Perspective for your consideration …
What does it look like when it’s fixed…?

My recent email entitled … WE “BAN” & MAKE ILLEGAL – COCK & DOG – FIGHTING THEN PROMOTE BARBAROUS HUMAN CAGE FIGHTING … produced several responses among them one from a gentleman whom I choose to call both a friend and most erudite. His comment was … People can choose whether or not to fight. Animals can not … and quite frankly I find this is entirely correct. In attempting to digest this I note I have an uneasiness which I am not able to completely eliminate.

My heart fully subscribes to the notion, my friend noted, that man CAN choose whether or not to fight, my head on the other hand screams that for more than 40 years now, Americans, at least, have chosen to voluntarily grant and empower others to make these types of decisions in our stead. How then can we expect today that a “young” American male will possess the background attitudes, beliefs, philosophy enabling him to accept accountability and responsibility for his actions…? The background and education we inspire in him is to … follow instructions to the letter and regurgitate in the classroom precisely and only what the instructor wants, no more, no less. Aspects appealing to the “heart” are in our contemporary society deemed primarily the providence of the female. Males engaging in such beliefs are most often labeled and branded as “sissies” or some far more vulgar term. Our appeal to the young American male is directly to express his manliness with vain ads taunting him to “join” and … “be all that he can be” … lest we subject ourselves to charges of sexism, we now extend this offer to the American female.

The inspiration we provide to the young Americans is to expose them to the atrocities and humiliation of man under depraved conditions like Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. This exposure, we in stealth mode endorse, formulates the underpinning of the belief, philosophy and attitudes which American youth are educated. It seems to me to beg the question. In a perfect world people can choose whether or not to fight and under what conditions. This implies that men and women have been exposed and taught how to “think” for themselves. Are we honestly saying we have provided that form of education to Americans in the last 30 years…?

I write this on Sunday – 6 October 08 – after perusing today’s issue of the Arizona Republic. The headlines and lead articles are entitled … “tapping emotions to sway your vote,” … “crime-sweep records raise suspicions of racial profiling” … page A23 – “drug evaluations raise queries” … page B1 – EJ Montini … “election limbo: Arpaio supporters set bar lower” … I leave it to each of you to determine whether or not you choose to read these references articles.

The common thread which emerges for me from these articles is their appeal to the more prurient and base emotions and talents man possesses. It is now common place for those offering “to serve & to protect” us to engage in political campaigning which taps primarily in a subliminal manner into our subconscious emotions no longer appealing and attempting to make a case which honorably and nobly appeals to both heart and head. Moreover, those we elect “to serve & to protect” us, we allow to engage in whatever form of “profiling” is necessary to keep the “bad-guys” off our streets making it safe for you and me, all the while we forget just like in Nazi Germany, today it’s them, tomorrow it could just as easily be you and me. Those university educators teaching our young Americans (see drug evaluations raise queries) are free to engage in activities which enrich them while they perform “research” for the “midas-corporate-elite” under the guise of “objectivity” which we know to be a sham.

With this type of education and background is it reasonable to suggest that, especially today, young Americans, possess the ability to address the many facets associated with engaging in “cage fighting” …? Our Governor and the 90 mental midgets masquerading as State Legislators and Senators endorse this form of enterprise, so why in the world would a young virile American male not choose to support and potentially be monetarily enriched by it…?

I find the words of my friend … People can choose whether or not to fight … to be valid and equally today sorely and painfully invalid in America and Arizona. We have deliberately chosen to educate so as to refute one’s ability to think and choose for him self. When we honorable choose to infuse in every American the skills to think for him self, then I can honorably support the notion that people can choose whether or not to fight, but not until then.

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.