Perspective for your consideration … What does it look like when it’s fixed…?

The article referenced was a mere blurb in the 10-31-08 issue of the Arizona Republic … California planning to cut water deliveries next year … this is the type of notice that Arizona can choose to ignore only at its peril.

When that 900# neighbor of ours – California – gives advance notice they expect to reduce – water – delivery to significant portions of their citizens, might it be the impetuous for Arizona leaders to check our own – hole card – respecting water…?

As far as I am aware, “metro” Phoenix lives in a bubble where there is NO water concern, while significant portions of our state currently operate under restricted water conditions. How can this be…?

Our neighbor to the south – Tucson – appears to be actively pursuing a number of topics related to water – from water harvesting – to greywater reuse – and other forms of water conservation. These are NOT topics which I see on the calendar of most “metro” Phoenix governmental agendas. How can this be…?

The recently disclosed invasion of quagga mussel and our “enlightened” approach to attempt to “kill” them off using chlorine and a new microbial toxin should NOT impair the quality or safety of the water you ingest…? Do you really believe this…?

I don’t know about you, but, it may behoove Arizona citizens to choose to become aware of the all the factors and forces impacting our water from its sources, to the method of its treatment and delivery to your home or place of business. As well as how it is utilized by agriculture. Or we can choose to turn a blind eye and deaf ear and allow our government officials to turn all of our water over to private for-profit water purveyors (like Arizona American Water & Johnson Utilities) who will … because of enlightened self-interest … take care of us. Take care of us just like they did in the lead up to the recent wall-street bail-out fiasco.

What does it look like when it’s fixed for you…?

… People should never be afraid of their government, government should always be afraid of the people …

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.