when are there too many

Perspective for your consideration …
… What does it look like when it’s fixed…?

WHEN ARE THERE TOO MANY …It strikes me to be able to answer this query without further information requires one to possess skills even the illustrious illusionist Harry Houdini did not.

Too many of what …some would suggest the question relates to the number of people occupying this blue-green planet we call Earth. Others would suggest quite different topics.

I ask this question in the context of when are there too many … statutes, laws, rules, ordinances, decrees, acts, edicts, bills, orders, regulations, directives, diktats, commands, and judgments…?

Does anyone actually know the number of federal, state, county, city, to cite but a few, to which we agreed to be subjected….? I truly do not believe any of us has a clue as to the actual number of commands we have agreed to live by…? I would hazard a wild ass guess the actual number is in the many thousands, surprised….?

As if this were not enough, each day, those we elect “to serve & to protect,” us are busy developing more rules, laws, regulations all for the express purpose of what…? I dare say we don’t have a clue…? The words they write are often in direct conflict with previously enacted rules, laws, and regulations and so voluminous are these words, years and often generations pass, before anyone actually discovers the inconsistencies.

One day the action of those sworn “to serve & to protect” is directed to promulgating words expressly for the purpose of punishing and abusing us at the alter of their god – “midas-elite” – whose financial support is now their “mother’s milk.” In their next breath and the next day, these same “leaders” champion positions which on their face appear to actually have our best long term interest at heart. Too often, when one reads the very small fine print associated, revealed is what most of us are intuitively aware … the big print gives, the fine print denies and takes away … and the fine print always exceeds the big print.

Promulgating laws, rules and regulations has evolved into an “art” form whereby success is measured not in how clear, concise and understandable these are designed, but rather how convoluted. And in all cases, we are content to leave ultimate interpretation and therefore control and dominion solely in their hands, why…?

I dare say, there is probably not a day, perhaps not even an hour that goes by that I do not in some way either deliberately or unthinkingly disregard or break at least one if not a host of their laws, rules and regulations. In fact, when I think about it, writing this email can quite easily under the preposterous terms of the laughable and equally bogus – PATROIT ACT – be grounds for rendition.

232 years ago, folks like you and me, simple people, wanting simply to live and let live, to be left free to live our lives in whatever manner we chose, providing in living our life we did not cause harm to others, save slavery and annihilation of indigenous cultures, fought for these rights, which today, we obediently choose to surrender for what…?
The plethora of laws, rules and regulations which govern, control and dominate all of our actions make it virtually impossible for us to consider ourselves – free. We are by choice – slaves.

And we will remain – slaves – until we choose to be solely accountable and responsible for our own lives and not permit it to be controlled, manipulated and dominated by anyone else. There is, I believe, an inherent caveat that in living our life we can not knowing harm other human life. I would go one step further suggesting that we can not knowing harm any other life form, however, I realize that is a proposition perhaps outside the scope of many humans to comprehend.

IT – is fixed when we realize all the written words defining laws, rules and regulations are unnecessary and all that is required is our individual acknowledgment of our need to be honorably and solely accountable and responsible for self.

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.

… People should never be afraid of their government, government should always be afraid of the people …