why is government and for profit corporations so afraid of full open disclosure

Perspective for your consideration …What does it look like when it’s fixed…?

The Arizona Republic 9/19/08 article entitled …. GENETICALLY ALTERED MEAT CLOSER TO YOUR TABLE … is one that could easily invite overtones of Chicken Little evoking the …sky is falling …

While my own belief runs contrary to that espoused in this article what is of greater concern to me is the degree to which government regulators appears to be leaning to protect the for-profit corporations at the expense of the public’s right to full disclosure. That any governmental agency would NOT seek to have any food product genetically altered to be so labeled is incomprehensible, disingenuous and shows a callous disregard for the public’s right to know.

This raises for me the question … what are they trying to hide and why….? If as alleged by some federal government food oversight agencies like FDA, EPA, USDA, and others there is NOTHING harmful in genetically altered food products, why then are they choosing to fall on the sword to keep such food from being labeled – GENETICALLY ALTERED …?

One should not fear what one can prove. So if these governmental agencies can prove the safety of these genetically altered food products there is no need to fear the public will rebuke or refuse to consume these products, is there…?

One submits to fear, haranguing, pleading, disinformation and propaganda, along with myth building on those occasions when the truth proves elusive or unattainable to support the favored position. One need look no further than the positions being postured by our current federal leaders respecting the debacle surrounding the Bush/Wall Street/Federal Reserve (private for-profit corporation)/Housing Mortgage fiasco to witness the ruse being perpetrated upon an unsuspecting public…. ?

While I may be personally opposed to consuming these genetically altered food products, I do not intend to deny others from knowingly choosing to consume these products. The operative word is – knowingly – which specifies that the public be given full unabridged disclosure on all aspects of the food they consume. There need be NO secrets about what is in the food mankind consumes.

And let me be even a bit bolder, I am most willing to present and discuss any water issue before any audience in Arizona where open full disclosure and two way dialog is permitted.